Business Process Test Automation Solution

Business Process Testing (BPT) helps businesses to streamline their processes with practical problem-solving methodologies while creating software or applications. It enables quick turn-around for application releases. With a blend of comprehensive manual & automated testing practices, Rishabh Software helps organizations become future-ready by scaling greater heights.


For delivering exceptional customer services, businesses focus on process excellence to meet project timelines and offer superior customer experience.

And for optimum quality of products and processes, effective and efficient testing is critical. It offers an advanced and smart approach to help QA leaders & other subject matter experts (SMEs) improve their application testing strategies.

An ideal solution must enable you to:

  • Build a central repository of reusable modules for testing
  • Define a role-based model for users involved in the process
  • Make the testing process more manageable and easier to maintain

comprehensive BPT solutions. We implement & streamline end-to-end testing frameworks, from test design & creation to execution & maintenance. As a result, the enterprise achieves maximum project outcomes aligned to their business goals.

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How Do We Help Bridge The Quality Gap?

Traditional testing practices involve functionality validation of the developed solution as well as change mapping after every new release. However, this approach poses challenges such as:

  • Managing complex business processes,
  • Rising costs & extended duration for testing,
  • No reusability of components, and more

We enable enterprises to address the challenges mentioned above and more by improving their functional as well as regression testing methodologies.

Our team develops custom and automated, business process-based testing solution frameworks, which assists in:

  • Building reusable, easy-to-maintain test scripts
  • Reducing human efforts & errors by automating mundane testing tasks
  • Eliminating any delays due to updates in business processes

Let’s look at the core elements of our business process testing methodology that enables the creation of a robust test framework. It would vary depending on the enterprise’s needs.

Business Components Module

Our team defines specific KPIs to assess system performance according to business process & application flow. And, basis that we create detailed documentation.

It helps with:

  • Developing manual & automated business components to perform pre-defined tasks
  • Providing a snapshot of goals, summary, and serial flow of components through a dashboard with various visualization options
  • Analyzing and automate system design steps to manage business process testing framework
  • Specifying the data collation parameters from diverse resources & quality check pass factors

Test Plan Module

We build & deploy test scripts for analyzing different components within the existing system. It is with:

  • Monitor asset condition in real-time and update maintenance schedules
  • Customize & upload policy-related documents to meet regulatory compliance
  • Dispatch field-crew based on service request, location, availability, and priority
  • View real-time activities of mobile field workers through GPS tracking & live mapping

For this instance, automation helps to perform scheduled tasks. And, manual analysis ensures that the changes in business processes do not affect the overall app performance.

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Test Lab Module

After the conceptualization of BPT, we further run it within the regression, sanity, and other testing cycle environment as required.

It is performed with:

  • Defining the roles to be performed by various resources, including SMEs, automation engineers, and manual testers
  • Arranging modules in a logical order through an easy drag & drop interface
  • Adding & configuring input parameters for specific elements
  • Testing & debugging various test cases to validate application functions

Besides, our custom reporting module helps generate performance reports to provide feedback to the concerned teams.

We consider some essential factors while applying a business process test automation technique. It includes:

  1. Identification of similar workflow patterns to leverage reusable components
  2. Automation at various levels of the test environment to reduce time, effort, & cost
  3. Validation of different use cases while creating the efficient testing process flow

To summarize, our QA team makes it easier to create, organize, and manage the automated test components to validate business processes. As a result, we help organizations to address critical performance pain points and improve application functionality.

In a Nutshell

A business process testing approach helps minimize the risks involved with traditional testing methods. It assists in quickly identifying compliance issues, gaps between business requirements, and other flaws in the software product to ensure optimized & quality releases.