Examples, How to be Innovative in Business


Examples To be innovative in business you have to be brave and creative. You have to think about your customers. How you can make a difference in their life, career, and business. You have to be passionate about your innovative product, and service idea. So that whatever you think, create and promote, it will help your customers. You don’t have to be perfect for innovation, you just have to do your best that you can do as per the sources and tools.
Let’s learn in more details:

1. Find out and communicate with the unhappy customer:

Your unsatisfied customer is the biggest teacher to show you a path for innovation. Your customer can be unsatisfied by the speed of your website, they can be unhappy due to bad customer support, they can be due to a higher price, they can be due to the poor product experience.

Not only research on your unhappy customers but also see what your biggest competitors are unable to provide the customers and then add that problem as a solution in your product and services.

Communicate with them in meetings, seminars, events, and social get-togethers. You can also use chat rooms, video conferencing, survey forms.

You can also use data analytics or analyze data to find out the problems. You can also hire an external investigator to find the problems and loopholes in your products. The more you communicate with the customers, the better you can understand the market demands and expectations.

For innovation, you just have to improve everything. It can be design, delivery, packaging, presentation, team motivation.

To innovate you also need money. But to get that money, you have to sell more. And to sell more you have to improve the quality of your current products and services faster so that your customer doesn’t go to your competitors.

So, for innovation, consistently watch and analyze customer habits and demands, and keep making improved changes in your products and services.

2. Think about your customer’s kids, how they will keep connected with your brand: 

You have not only had to think about the quality improvement in products for current customers but also future customers. You have to plan the future. How you will compete with the future innovators, new business and technology start-ups.

Is your product, services can be purchased by the kids of your current customers? Will your business branding have transferred to the next generation from the current customers?

For example:

Tata Car is purchased by a Mr. Abcd in 2001.

Now the son of Mr. Abcd is purchasing Tata Harrier in 2019.

Apple Laptop is purchased by Mr. Abcd in 2007, now he is purchasing Apple Mac Book Pro 2019 for his child studying in college.

Mr. Abcd purchases various items from the showroom. But the kids are using the Internet to buy a new product.

Mr. Abcd using the personal network to find home repair servicemen’s’ but the kids are searching on google.

Mr. Abcd studied in xyz college, now he wants to send the kids in the same college. But the course syllabus is not as updated as the demand of today’s era. So he changed his decision and sending the kids to another college.


What do I mean? I mean are you changing and improving your business, products as per the industry, demands, customers habits. So that they keep looking relevant and valuable to buy for a new generation.

You can do the following things for change and innovation:

For coaching institute:

If you’re running an offline computer/academic institute from years and want to innovate then you can create a website to teach online or you can start recording your offline classes and then you can edit and produce them into an online course.

For local shopkeeper:

If you’re selling home appliances and accessories in the local market and want to innovate then you can innovate your selling process. For that, you can try to sell online through online selling or eCommerce platform and you can also create your website. If even you don’t want to sell, you can build the presence of your business on the internet. For that, you can list your business on online directories such as google my business, Facebook page, etc. so that you will get more exposure for your business.

For digital Marketing Company

If you’re running digital marketing agency and want to do something creative and new then you can provide digital marketing, website designing, SEO, branding, and social media marketing services to local celebrities.

If you’re running a software development company and want to innovate then you can create and build agriculture-related apps and web services that help farmers to get value for the crops they want.

There are many things that you can do to make innovation in your business. It can be an improvement in current products, price, and marketing style and it can be based on future projection.

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Whatever you just have to understand the trends, data, reports, and news and have to imagine the future problems or solutions that you can create.

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3. Use modern technologies and business tools:

Think and research on the new technologies that can help to reduce the cost and faster the business process. For example, when you know that you can sell your product online then why not you’re trying to do that. When you know that marketing your services on social media help you to get new leads, then why you’re not doing it.

When you know that you can create apps/software to manage your daily business operations then why you’re not doing.

When you know that you can use cloud infrastructure to manage and expand data storage capacity then why you’re not doing it.

You not only have to save money in business, but you also have to invest in the future.

And if something is there that will reduce the cost and speed the cash flow and improve the value of products and services then it’s a good decision to do that.

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There are various modern technologies/platforms apps available that will be helpful for all kind businesses and organizations such as:

  • Digital Marketing services to get more traffic to your business website. So that your marketing will be automated through content marketing and google ads, and reduce the cost of generating leads. It helps you to sell more and expand your business.
  • You can use Cloud Services and cloud computing platforms, software and infrastructure as a service that will help you grow your business, productivity and help you to lead in the market. It will automatically expand the requirement of data storage; application speed and you have to pay when it’s in use. It will be very helpful for start-ups to build and deploy applications on cloud servers.
  • Video conferencing or team collaboration tool software that can transform your entire business process and team management activities. Modern communication applications and tools help you to use video call, chat, share content and get reports, monitor the project performance and business inventory.
  • Online business courses and leadership training programs can help you to learn and build the expertise of the business you’re doing. You can build your own business skills and you can use online courses for team training. There is almost all kind of online business courses that you can do to innovate.

Such as you can do online business management course that will help to learn the modern team and project management skills and tools.