Is Mobile Clocking right for your business?

The challenges that a mobile workforce has are vastly different from a stationary one. Since they do not have an office to sign in to as such, business owners have a tough time calibrating employee performance. If you have a construction business or a software house that outsources certain project, then you know what this is about.


The good news is that mobile clocking can take care of this problem immediately. These are excellent options when it comes to organizing large remote teams and highly efficient when it comes to measuring productive hours. They also allow HR to take care of important tasks faster and thus spend more time on recruiting than paperwork.

Since most mobile clocks have easy to use interfaces, so that employees can clock in or out as quickly as possible. Some mobile solutions also come with GPS tracking capabilities that allow managers and contractors in particular to see where their workers are in real time all the time. This allows them to generate an accurate account of each worker’s performance and the total hours they work.

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Mobile solutions for remote employees also allow managers to manage the workforce easily and some can also be designed to track rest periods, clocking in and out and also set reminders for important tasks.

They can also be used to keep employees informed about important memos and how many days they can take off or the number of sick days they have left. Since they can access that information straight from an online portal no matter where they are, they will always be aware of the time they have left and what they can do to maintain their track record.

In addition, allowing employees to set their own time slots according to the standard number of hours they have to work will increase production. All of this can be done through a simple mobile clocking device but only if it provides that option. However, the investment is worth the hassle you will not have to deal with.

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Sorting through mountains of paperwork is time consuming and stressful for your accounting team who have more important matters to attend to after all. The paper that is wasted during this time can be saved with a cloud-based solution that will always have the data they need to make those performance reports. Every single time in and break will be accounted for.

If your business is spread out over a number of offices across the state for instance, a payroll system that can be managed remotely and used remotely will be a boon for your business. Not doing so can land you in legal trouble with worker rights groups and/or distract employees from their main duties.

mobile clocking application and system can ensure this does not happen and its management only requires a couple of people. So if you want maintain production, increase your retention rate and boost employee morale, then investing in a remote clocking system will be a good idea.