Moving Your Business? You Need these Key Players.

Relocating your business is a serious undertaking, especially if you’re running a major operation. Having a strategy for your move is imperative to it’s success. Without a strategy, you’ll almost certainly end up with a move that is over budget and not completed on time.


Part of your moving strategy needs to include the proper staffing. Here are the key players you’ll need to successfully execute moving your business.

Key Player 1: Concierge

The role of the concierge is simple, but important in moving your business. This person’s objective is to direct “traffic” throughout the move, and to hold knowledge on where supplies and equipment are located.

The key responsibility for the concierge is problem resolution. Even with the right amount of planning and strategy, not everything will go according to plan when moving your business. Supplies and equipment can easily get misplaced.

This is when the concierge comes in. When Sally from Accounting needs an adding machine and a set of highlighters, she’ll talk to the concierge to find out where they are. When Joe from Sales needs to find several months worth of sales reports, the concierge can point him in the right direction to find the box.

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Key Player 2: Furniture Coordinator

The Furniture Coordinator’s role is also simple, but imperative to the success of a business relocation. After all, you can’t really have a functioning office without furniture right?

During a large scale business move, there are usually two (2) furniture coordinators. One, from the facilities team of the company that’s moving, and one from the company that was hired to execute the move.

Key Player 3: Electrical & Data Cabling

Once again, a simple but important role when moving your business. And it’s just what it sounds like. The person in charge of electrical & data cabling must ensure that every cubicle is properly connected to the network.

The “cabler” should collaborate closely with the furniture coordinator. Cabling needs to be laid down in a way that makes sense with the space plan.

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Key Player 4: Project Manager

The Project Manager is the most important role when moving your business. And their job starts even before the move itself.

Not only does the Project Manager lead the pre-move meeting, they also make sure the new space is ready to be occupied. Once the lease negotiation is complete for the new office, the Project Manager will begin their work.

They should visit the new site regularly with a check-list of items that need to be completed or repaired before the move. This check-list is extremely detailed and extensive.