SAP Business One XML Connector: eCommerce and EDI Integration

Typical example would be when you need your ecommerce web site be powered by ERP application with sales order execution login: inventory item allocation and shipping to the customer. In some cases you would like automatic invoice posting (in SAP B1 terminology adding) to General Ledger and so automatic order execution – when your items are downloadable applications or media files. In other cases you would start with Sales Order and entrust order execution login, with potentially light production / manufacturing or bill of material assembly to backend MRP – SAP BO.

o Technology. From SAP B1 connector side – it is realized as SOAP web service. From your legacy ecommerce or other application side you can deploy either staging SQL tables approach, or direct SQL data pulling with transactions marking as being send for integration to SAP Business One.

o Web Service. SOAP XML web service with inbound (from ecommerce, EDI or your business partners extranet) data stream to create or update SAP B1 customer object and then create sales document. Outbound XML stream reports you the success of the action and if required gives you created object parameters.

o SAP Business One SDK – this is the heart of the connector, it logins to SAP BO company with the credentials provided (completely validating SBO business application logic), then it initializes new customer and sales order / invoice or updates existing business partner / customer information.

o Fields of application. Connector if this type provided to be on demand for other ERP applications, Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains for example, where it is mostly used in e-commerce and business partner automatic ordering spheres. If you can be successfully deployed for the service business, when you need to log technician daily time logs and bill out your customers. Very nice combination for service business is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service module with time logging logic against contract line budget and then sending resolved cases time to SAP B1 in the form of sales orders.

Source by Andrew Karasev