15 Astonishing Apps to boost your business

BR LoyaltyTo retain customers and improve satisfaction, BR Loyalty app offers solutions for businesses. This is an app to keep an eye on. Through this app, business can offer their customers various enthralling rewards like national entertainment opportunities and local events. This is one of the robust loyalty apps on the market and also work similar like Belly apps.

BuzztableWhy let your customers wait in queue, if they are big foodies! Not so bearable. Buzztable helps dining businesses boom their business by retaining their customers. The amazing features of this app will help dining businesses seat more and more customers efficiently and at a fast pace. The new offers, birthday perks, loyalty rewards will be sent to the returning guests through their smartpphone or email, using this buzztable app. The customers using this app can view top dishes from the menu and let them decide whether they must stay, wait in the queue or cancel the reservation.

Astonishing Apps

RewardMeWanna reward your customers who are shopping freak! To track rewards, RewardMe loyalty app uses mobile numbers of customers using this app. This app sends customized messages to the customers on the basis of tracking their spending, purchases. So, if you are a shopping freak, contact RewardMe today to try features of this app.

SwipleyThe best feature of this app is that the customers don’t need to download this app to use features of this app. Customers can just sign up by text message to earn cash-back rewards, whenever they use their credit or debit cards in your business. Swipley is sure to boom your business by providing a customized marketing program for outreaching customers like mobile marketing, direct marketing, social media marketing and many more.

Shopkick Wanna let your customers feel like they are on cloud 9 and reward them for doing what they already do very best! Shopkick is the best app for the same Shopkick app rewards you for shopping, and more shopping and giving yourself some soothing treats.

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SpringWanna get ongoing customer relationship created? Spring fits the best to your needs. Spring targets the customers with marvelous rewards based on your specific business goals. This software also manages the whole customer life cycle.

Mint MA shopping and reward app (for use in India). It is also a digital wallet. The customers using this app are rewarded with points, termed as Mints, and all the Mints collected are converted into gift cards and coupons for the customers. The customers also get points (Mints) for referring friends to the app and for checking in adorable locations.

SpotOnWanna let your frequent customers collects Spots for the purchases they make! SpotOn is the app meant for you. To get the customers started, Spoton gives merchants a tablet and unlimited loyalty cards too. SpotOn get users extra rewards for just spreading the word about a new business. By using SpotOn, customers can collect spots for checking in and purchases they make. When a customer saves the Spots, they get bigger rewards or awesome savings.

OpenTableWanna reward customers, who are big time foodies! If the customers who love dining, and sign up via online form, OpenTable offers reward points. Customers earn points via the company website and mobile applications, based on scheduled reservations. Not just small businesses in general, OpenTable concentrates on dining and restaurants. Reservation points does vary from 100 to 1000 points in many cases.

PerkaThrough Perka app, you can stay connected to your customers. It is a smart solution app. From Perka Merchant App, you “punch” a virtual loyalty card through customers’ phone, whenever customers with Perka app check in at your business. Perka lets customers post check-ins and purchases to their social media accounta and this in turn spreads the word about your business. To push customized promotions to each customers, you can use data about purchases. Perka app shows customers’ names to you and status so that you can greet them by name (and you can always offer a special treatment if they’re your repeated and frequent customer).

DeeliozWanna let your customers feel more special on their birthday! Deelioz is the best app for the same. Customers need a four-pin confirmation code, to redeem rewards by using this app. The customers can get the confirmation code from employees of the service, brand or product. Deelioz users on their birthday get extra points for checking into a location. New users of Deelioz starts off with 100 points. Another 100 they earn for checking into a location and they earn 200 points when they get a friend to download the app and check into a location as well.

Astonishing App

Key Ring- Users of key ring app can scan all their loyalty and rewards cards into their smartphone and the app displays the bar-code for scanning when it comes to use their cards. For businesses- With Key Ring, business owners can customize their own offer campaigns in form of surveys, send special one-time redemption offers for special dates like anniversaries and birthdays to selected customers.

FiveStars-FiveStars as the name says, is one of the alluring reward apps. Free loyalty guide, as well as email and text and text messaging campaigns if offered by FiveStars.

BellyThe customized rewards, social exposure,email campaigns is offered by Belly loyalty app. If you’re new in getting loyalty rewards programs established with your customers, Belly app incorporates loyalty consultations for the same.

QuomaiFor Quomai rewards system, there is no need of a website. Potential to gain your loyal fans is all you require. The customer feedback can be read from your mobile offers, store buyer’s geolocations, and you can keep your customers feel on cloud 9 every step of the way.